Terms Of Condition

Cleaning Confirmation & Terms Agreement

Thank you for choosing Empire’s Aide & Services Cleaning Team to provide your cleaning services. We are honored to have the privilege of cleaning your home! Please review the following information regarding your Terms Agreement.


Payments are due at the time of service rendered unless a payment method has been established with Empire’s Aide & Services. Checks, Cash or credit cards are accepted (Visa-Master Card).


without 48 hours advance notice during regular business hours, will result in a “late cancellation” fee of $50. Appointments scheduled on a Monday must be cancelled no later than the Thursday (before noon) prior to that cleaning. “Lock-out” fees are considered a late cancellation and would result in the charge. If you have not provided a key or code for access and we are unable to access the home, a lock out fee would be assessed.

1. Charges

Prices are based on the condition of your home at the time of the quote or agreed price given. If we find the condition is not consistent in the future, we will call you and ask for a time adjustment & price increase. Sometimes factors change in the home/office such as pets, furniture, remodeling, number of people living in the home, etc. that affect the amount of time needed to complete the job. There will be an additional $25 per hr.

2. Condition

If there are is a lot of activity going on in your home we will do our best to work around it but too many interruptions in our routine may prevent us from completing the job in the amount of time estimated. More time may be available for purchase, or we may need to adjust what tasks we can accomplish or forgo due to the lack of time.

3. Access

Our time starts when we arrive to clean. If we have to wait on someone to unlock the door there will be less time available to clean the house. If we are unable to access your home, a “lock-out” fee of $50 will be assessed. Please refer to the above cancellation policy. To ensure that a lock-out does not occur, you may provide us with a key or code to access the home. All keys and codes are secured and locked and issued out to the crew leader on the day of cleaning and returned and inventoried at the end of the day.

4. Unfair Competition

Clients may not solicit our employees to work for them directly in any capacity whatsoever and must agree to pay a $4,950 “finder’s fee” if you hire an employee away from Empire’s Aide. Please contact our office if there is a need or service that you may need and we can assist you in referring a reputable company or person to perform additional tasks not provided by Empire’s Aide. Our employees are required to sign a Non-Compete contract which prohibits them to accept or solicit work from our current or past clients.

5. Collections

Payment in full is due at the time of service, Non-sufficient Funds checks, non-payment, or declined credit cards will result in additional fees associated with collections.

6. Our HAPPY PLACE-100% Guarantee To You

We are not just offering you a guarantee; this is our personal promise. When you use our services, if you are not absolutely 100% HAPPY with our work, we will return and re-clean at no additional cost. Just call our office within 24 hours for a re-clean of the unsatisfactory areas. You’ll receive the freshest, healthiest, most thorough cleaning you’ve always enjoyed, GUARANTEED to make you HAPPY!

Equipment & Supplies

The team will bring, broom, mop (upon request and at an extra charge) and all other necessary cleaning supplies and cleaning solutions (listed below): They are all well trained in using these products.

Spic & SpanSpic & Span

  • Disinfecting All-purpose Spray and Glass Cleaner
  • A multi-purpose cleaner that leaves glass shinny and other surfaces
  • Removes stubborn stains and leaves a fresh smell
  • Used on counter tops, sinks, commodes glass, mirrors, wooden trim

Mr. Clean Finished Floor CleanerMr. Clean Finished Floor Cleaner

  • Dissolves and removes tough ground-in dirt without leaving a dulling residue
  • Delivers shine and extends time between strips by effectively removing greasy soils
  • Used on laminate, hardwood, ceramic tile and vinyl floors.

Comet with/without BleachComet with/without Bleach

  • Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner
  • Non-abrasive spray formula penetrates and dissolves tough soap scum and hard water stains without scrubbing
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant kills a broad spectrum of germs and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Removes stains Used on showers, sinks, faucets, commodes

By signing or using our service you agree to abide with this term and conditions.